How to: Find the right wedding location!

For many people, it is the most beautiful day of their lives: The wedding! But before the time comes, there is a seemingly endless list of things that need to be planned. This includes finding the right wedding location. It doesn't matter whether you will only be celebrating or also getting married there. So that your planning time doesn't turn into a stressful nightmare, we're giving you tips today on how to find the right wedding venue.

Questions to ask yourself

There are some questions that your wedding venue will not be able to answer, so you will have to ask yourself first.

  1. Is there a wedding theme or preferences?
    Your wedding theme (How to: Set the wedding theme!) offers a good starting point for finding the right location for you. If it's a boho wedding, for example, a converted barn is a good choice. If it's a very elegant wedding, a small castle might be the right choice. Even if there is no wedding motto, then you should sit down once and decide on a list of preferences: simple or ostentatious, elegant or relaxed, outdoors or indoors, alternative or classic. Brainstorming is the perfect way to get started with location planning!
  2. Will the celebration be large or small?
    You should also include the number of guests in your planning. Depending on this, you will know whether a large or small location is suitable. You should also bear in mind that not all guests will probably live in the immediate vicinity of the location. Are there sleeping facilities on site or hotels in the vicinity? Is a shuttle service available?
  3. Self-catering, planning on site or with service providers?
    You should also think about which part of the planning you want to do yourself and which part you want to hand over to the potential location or a service provider. Have you planned a programme? For example, should there be a photo booth and if so, who will organise it? Should the food be prepared on site or delivered by a caterer? What about the decoration and music? It is best to draw up a clear list for this.
  4. Is there a preferred date?
    One of the most important questions: Do you already have a date for your wedding celebration? If so, don't hesitate to inquire directly with different locations that come into question. If the offer matches your requirements and ideas, then you should not take too much time with the acceptance. Wedding locations are in demand!

Questions to ask the location

Now that you have asked yourself a few questions and, in the best case, already have a more precise picture of your desired location, it is now time to enquire about and visit potential locations.
You probably already have to provide as much information as possible in your enquiry, but especially during the viewing you have the opportunity to also ask your most important questions again. You should be able to derive these from your previous planning.

Possible questions could be:

  • How much space does the location offer?
  • Can the party only be held indoors or also outdoors?
  • For an outdoor wedding: Is there an alternative for bad weather?
  • What services does the location itself offer? Decoration? Food? Drinks?
  • May external service providers be used?
  • When can the location be prepared?
  • Does the location offer enough space for your programme? E.g. a dance floor, space for a DJ, a photo box, snack bar, etc.
  • Are there packages and what does the offer include?
  • What about cleaning?
  • How long can people party?
  • And the most important question: Is the date still available?

Your location could look like this

Ready for the location search?

You have now got some good pointers to start looking for the right wedding venue. So go ahead, what's stopping you? We wish you a lot of fun, the search will certainly be successful!

best regards
your CARL GROSS team 

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