How to: Set the wedding theme!

For many people, a wedding is one of the most important events in their lives. Accordingly, this day should run and be organised perfectly. In order to maintain a common thread, the wedding is often celebrated under a certain motto. In this blog post we would like to help you find your wedding motto and show you examples.

Find the motto

You have decided to have your wedding under a theme? Wonderful! Surely you have come across a mountain of different mottos and themes during your initial research and now don't know where to start or stop.
The most important thing is to find a theme that connects you as a couple and which, in the best case, you can both relate to. You can think about the following approaches:

Collage of five pictures matching the motto "White Wedding

Colours: Is a coherent look important to you above all? Then a colour theme would be an option for you. It is best to start with your favourite colours and colour combinations.

Collage of four pictures matching the motto "Rockabilly Wedding

Hobbies Do you have a common hobby that is very close to your heart? Then derive your motto from this, e.g. classic cars, Star Wars, rockabilly, festival ...

Collage of five pictures matching the motto "Italian Wedding

Countries: Do you share a love for a certain country or even your homeland? How about an Italian or Scandinavian wedding or a traditional costume wedding?

Collage of five pictures matching the theme "Vintage Wedding

Era: Do you like to relive the past? Then why not take your cue from the 20s or the 80s - anything is possible.

Collage of five pictures matching the motto "Beach Wedding

Season: If you are still completely bereft of ideas, it is often enough to take a look at the season in which you are getting married. How about an autumn, winter, summer, forest, garden or beach wedding?

Collage of five pictures matching the motto "Boho Wedding

Trends: It often helps to consider the current wedding trends. Especially popular in recent years: The Boho wedding.

It is best to sit down with your partner and summarise all your preferences. A mind map can be helpful. A first tendency regarding your motto will surely crystallise.

No wedding theme

Of course, you are free to have your wedding without a theme. A themeless celebration does not mean that your day will be chaotic and disorganised. Decide how you feel most comfortable and what will bring you the most joy.

Found inspiration?

We are sure that you are already one step closer to your wedding theme. So that you can soon start planning your wedding decorations, locations and so on. We wish you a lot of fun!

best regards
your CARL GROSS team

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