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As already made clear in our last blog article, fashion and sustainability do not always go hand in hand. Especially not when it comes to fast fashion. Recently, the general rethinking in our society has brought the topic of the environment and sustainability into a new focus. People are more concerned and care more - but how can we shop more sustainably? Today's blog post deals with this question.
Trends chase trends, collection follows collection – new clothes are bought while old clothes are thrown away. The fast pace of today’s Fast Fashion industry has long since ensured that clothes are hardly given the appreciation they actually deserve. The issue of sustainability is also increasingly being pushed into the background. The Slow Fashion movement is strictly opposed to this development. We would like to use Earth Day on 22 April, with the motto “Your clothes make the man”, as an opportunity to focus on the topic of Slow Fashion.
The weather is getting better and the temperatures are starting to rise, which means it’s time for light, summer-friendly fabrics and textures. One fabric in particular should not be forgotten: seersucker. Read what you should know about this fabric and how to best showcase the seersucker suit in today’s blog post.


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