Modern Harris Tweed Looks for Men: Elegance & Tradition Combined

Harris Tweed - a brand that stands for timeless elegance, centuries of tradition and first-class craftsmanship. In today's blog article, we show you what makes Harris Tweed so special and how you can put the fabric in a modern light.

Harris Tweed - a history spanning centuries

The origins of this special fabric take us to the Outer Hebrides, a chain of islands in Scotland. There, Harris Tweed has been woven by hand for centuries. The purpose at the time: to turn the wool of their own sheep into fabric. The commercialisation of the traditional fabric followed in the 1840s by Lady Dunmore, who had tweed woven in her clan pattern to furnish her staff. She was so convinced by the fabric that she advertised it as a material for hunting clothes. Soon Harris Tweed was the first choice of British aristocrats and demand continued to grow.
Today, Harris Tweed is more than just a fabric - it is a symbol of the close ties between craft, tradition and community.

Timeless craftsmanship

The process of making Harris Tweed is a work of art in itself. Every step, from washing the wool, to dyeing and spinning, to weaving, is carefully executed. Harris Tweed is always made from 100% British virgin wool. After the wool has been dyed and spun, it is woven into fabric at home on old looms by one of the 120 weavers on the islands of Lewis and Harris, with great dedication. Every metre of the fabric reflects this dedication and tradition, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Properties of Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is not only beautiful to look at, but also has remarkable properties. For example, the fabric is made of 100% natural wool, which is produced again by sheep every year. Wool is also both warming and breathable, making it perfect for the cold seasons. In addition, the fabric is very easy to care for and robust. The characteristic look and wide colour range of Harris Tweed ensures that the garments are suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Setting the right scene with Harris Tweed

A traditional fabric does not mean that you end up in a boring, stale outfit. Quite the opposite. We would like to show you how to put a modern spin on Harris Tweed so that you make a fashion statement.

A young man with brown hair wearing a coarse white turtleneck jumper and our blue Harris Tweed limited edition herringbone jacket over it. He is wearing blue trousers with it.

The limited Edition
If you want to wear something special, our blue Harris Tweed jacket is the right one for you. This herringbone jacket is part of our Harris Tweed Limited Edition and is only available 300 times. Combine it with a pair of blue corduroy trousers and a white wool turtleneck jumper and you'll have the perfect look for this limited edition garment. Details such as the classic brown leather buttons with the Harris Tweed logo are also a must.

Young man with brown hair in brown, checked Harris tweed jacket and trousers. He wears the jacket open and underneath a red quilted waistcoat and a camel-coloured turtleneck jumper. He also wears red leather gloves and sunglasses. In the background you can see blue sky and mountains with snow.

The elegant look in brown
For something a little more elegant, go for our brown Harris Tweed suitFor something a little more elegant, go for our brown Harris Tweed suit. The classic herringbone pattern and subtle check make the fabric special. Our red quilted waistcoat complements the look perfectly and adds a highlight. The outfit is rounded off with a brown turtleneck jumper and matching accessories such as leather gloves and sunglasses. The matching coat is also available in our shop.

A young man with brown hair in a grey Harris Tweed suit with orange checks. He wears the matching waistcoat and coat. He also wears a black fine-knit jumper with a round neck.

Modern in grey
Harris Tweed - from head to toe. Absolutely on trend: the complete look. Our grey Harris Tweed suit is ideal for this. To complete the outfit, the matching waistcoat and coat are a must. You can add a colourful highlight with a burgundy round-neck jumper. The herringbone pattern and the orange checks should not be missing here either.
You should choose this look if you want to create a modern eye-catcher.

Discover our exclusive looks

Harris Tweed is more than just a fabric - it tells a story and is at the same time a tribute to the art of craftsmanship and tradition. The featured looks show how versatile and timeless the high-quality fabric can be, feel free to see for yourself and take a look at our online shop.

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