man with brown hair in white polo, brown linen overshirt and beige pleated trousers, palm trees in the background

How to style: Linen as a must-have for men in summer

Probably one of the most popular materials for summer: linen. Whether it's trousers, a shirt or a jacket, you'll find such a garment in almost every summer wardrobe, and quite rightly so. But what makes linen so indispensable for summer and why should it not be missing from your wardrobe? We will answer these questions in today's blog post.

Funfact: No linen, no holiday

Today we know Otto Lilienthal as a pioneer of flight. But how did it actually come about? Otto Lilienthal's discoveries were an important milestone for covering long distances by air.
What does this have to do with linen? Even as children, Otto Lilienthal and his brother experimented with makeshift "flying machines" covered with lines.

The all-rounder among fabrics

What is linen actually? Since this fabric is made from the flax plant, it is a natural fibre. This makes linen biodegradable, and the plant also uses less water than cotton, for example.
But what makes the fabric so special? Linen combines many properties that make it perfect for summer! The fabric is pleasantly cool on the skin, it is highly durable, permeable to air and resistant to dirt. The fabric is especially ideal for allergy sufferers, as it is also bactericidal and antistatic.

How to wear the linen look perfectly

Linen is as individual and versatile as you are! The natural fibre is not only suitable for a breezy casual look, but can also be staged chicly in the form of a linen suit, for example. We will show you exactly how this can look.

man with brown hair and sunglasses in beige casual linen suit, orange trees in the background

Look 1: All in linen - the casual look. When it comes to a casual look, it's hard to get around the shirt jacket. Summery in beige with matching linen trousers. For contrast, simply combine a white cotton shirt. Accessories like sunglasses that coordinate with the look and a dark belt complete the outfit. Just make sure that the shoes and belt go together.

man with brown hair and white shirt in 3-piece linen suit and a dark blue tie, plants in the background

Look 2: The chic statement look in linen. With the 3-piece suit made of linen, you are always perfectly dressed. Complete, as a 2-piece suit or just the waistcoat with a pair of jeans or chinos. The choice is yours! Combine a white shirt in a classic way. A colourful accent can be set with a dark blue tie. Leather shoes complement the summery look.

man with brown hair in white polo, brown linen overshirt and beige pleated trousers, palm trees in the background

Look 3: The linen jacket as an eye-catcher. Staging the linen look perfectly does not mean that you have to wear linen from head to toe. The ochre-coloured linen overshirt can easily be combined with a white polo shirt and beige pleated trouseres. High white sneakers give the outfit even more casualness. You have the perfect look.

No summer without linen

Linen is the answer to the question of what to reach for when you want to be elegant but not too warm. Are you still looking for your linen piece? Then take a look at our online shop. Have fun!

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