How to style: The perfect outfit for the holidays!

It's getting festive! The holidays are just around the corner and you already receive the first invitations for Christmas parties and New Year's Eve parties. The carousel of thoughts begins to spin: What to wear? After all, you want to be prepared.
So that you don't have to rack your brains over the right outfit choice, we would like to present festive looks to you today.

Fun fact: That's why the smoking is called what it is called

The history of the dinner jacket goes back to the 19th century. The word "smoking" already reveals something about the original purpose of this elegant garment. The smoking was put on for a visit to the smoking salon. After the visit, the smoking was taken off again so as not to bother the women, who were not allowed to visit the salon, with the smell of smoke. In the middle of the 19th century, Prince Edward of Wales introduced the smoking to high society, so that it is still the most elegant item of clothing in men's wardrobes today.

Young man with brown hair in black tuxedo and white shirt

The perfect time of year to get all dressed up again

Do you know the feeling of wanting to dress up again, but not being able to find the right occasion? With Christmas and New Year's Eve, winter offers the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement without looking out of place. We would like to show you what this can look like with our three looks.

Young man with brown hair in midnightblue tuxedo and white shirt

Look 1:
A timeless classic with the highest elegance - the dinner jacket. Whether classic in black or more special in midnightblue. Combined with the matching dinner jacket trousers, a white dinner jacket shirt, with a light-coloured pocket square and a black bow tie, you won't go wrong. Round off the outfit with black patent leather shoes. Instead of a belt, you should go for braces here. The dinner jacket look is perfect for a stylish New Year's Eve.

Young man with brown hair in striking velvet jacket with paisley pattern

Look 2:
The velvety highlight look. You will definitely make a fashion statement with our velvet jackets. Particularly striking: the paisley design version, also available as a waistcoat . A classic combination with a white shirt, the buttons slightly undone and dark trousers. If you want something a little less noticeable, then go for our velvet jacket in dark red. In any case, both looks are special and guarantee to get you noticed. Whether for Christmas or New Year's Eve - it couldn't be more festive!

Young man with brown hair wearing a dark blue blazer, white shirt, grey knitted pullover and dark grey pleated trousers.

Look 3:
A little more casual but still dressed - our blazer.
Elegant, but still a little more casual? Then go for our dark blue blazer. Perfect in combination with a white shirt and our our grey knit jumper. The two-layer look is the perfect way to take the blazer off for the evening. Dark pleated trousers and a matching belt complete the formal look in casual chic.

The easy way to a festive outfit

Have you already thought about what you will wear on the holidays? We're glad if we could help you make that decision today. Feel free to take a look at our online shop, enjoy!

Best regards

your CARL GROSS team

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