How to style: The right outfit for the holidays!

Who doesn't know it? The holidays are barely around the corner and you already receive the first dinner invitation from the family and the mental carousel begins to spin: What to wear?
So that you don't have to rack your brains over the right outfit choice, we would like to present festive looks to you today.

Fun fact: Where does the name smoking come from?

The history of the dinner jacket goes back to the 19th century. The word "smoking" already reveals something about the original purpose of this elegant garment. The smoking was put on for a visit to the smoking salon. After the visit, the smoking was taken off again so as not to bother the women, who were not allowed to visit the salon, with the smell of smoke. In the middle of the 19th century, Prince Edward of Wales introduced the smoking to high society, so that it is still the most elegant item of clothing in men's wardrobes today.

Single-breasted, double-breasted or tuxedo jacket - a little guide

In addition to the classic, festive alternatives - the single-breasted and the double-breasted jacket - the tuxedo jacket should also be considered in your outfit choice.

light blue jacket with beige window checks

The single breasted jacket:
This type of jacket is characterised by only one row of buttons. You will often find two buttons here. The bottom button should always remain open; only just before taking a seat is it advisable to open both buttons. If you want to be on the safe side, you should choose a two-button jacket. It looks neither too formal nor too modern.

Double breasted brown jacket with beige stripes

The double-breasted jacket:
On this model you will find two rows of buttons. Here the jacket is always closed, even when sitting. Only the bottom button can optionally remain open. This type of jacket manages to make anyone look serious and elegant and is the right choice if you want to make a fashion statement. The lapel that runs across the upper body emphasises the silhouette advantageously.

Black tuxedo jacket

The Tuxedo jacket:
Das Smoking-Jackett besteht häufig aus Samt oder Wolle. It is also characterised by two side slits.
The lapel is clearly different, the so-called "mirror" is traditionally made of satin in the tuxedo jacket. Satin is also found on the buttons of the jacket.
If the tuxedo jacket is single-breasted, only the top button of the two buttons is fastened. Always suitably combined with the matching dinner jacket trousers.

Festive, more festive, most festive - the combination makes the difference

In the meantime, it is no longer uncommon to combine the jacket with jeans or chino trousers. This is in stark contrast to the dinner jacket, which is still classically combined. When choosing an outfit, it is crucial what impression you want to make and what occasion you want to do justice to.

young man with red hair in light-coloured turtleneck jumper, light-coloured trousers and light-blue, beige checked jacket

The modern look:
Modern in light natural shades. Our light blue jacket CG Timbo SV with light beige window check adds an unobtrusive highlight. The jacket can be perfectly combined with a light-coloured turtleneck jumper and a matching suit trousers. With selected accessories such as a pocket square, they lend the look your individual signature. The Christmas family party can come!

Young man with brown hair in beige jacket, wine-red turtleneck jumper and dark trousers

The casual look
Casual with lots of contrast. If you prefer the casual look, you should go for our beige jacket CG Fabian J-SV . Combine it with dark trousers for a great contrast.
If you also want to add a colourful accent, you can break up the look with a burgundy turtleneck jumper. The perfect outfit when it should be neither too festive nor too casual.

man with brown hair in black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, with black bow tie and white pocketkerchief

The most festive look:
The most festive look of all – the tuxedo. Classically combined with the matching tuxedo trouseres, a white tuxedo shirt, a light-coloured pocket square and a black bow tie. Round off the outfit with black patent leather shoes. Instead of a belt, go for braces here.
The tuxedo is perfect for a stylish New Year's Eve.

The easy way to a festive outfit

Have you already thought about what you will wear on the holidays? We're glad if we could help you make that decision today. Feel free to take a look at our online shop, enjoy!

Best regards

your CARL GROSS team

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