How to: care & store the suit properly

Sustainability is becoming more and more important and starts with the clothes that are already hanging in your wardrobe. The durability of your clothes is what makes them sustainable. Your suit should also be your elegant and loyal companion for as long as possible. The secret: the right suit care. With our blog post, we therefore give you tips on how you can enjoy your suit for a long time.

This is what you should keep in mind while wearing

Don’t hoard anything too heavy and especially not too much in your pockets! This does neither your trousers nor your jacket any good, but makes the garments look out of shape and bulges the pockets. When you sit down in your suit, you can also make sure to pull your trousers up a little and open your jacket, this is easy on the seams and buttonholes. Except here for double-breasted jackets, these should always remain closed.

How do you store the suit properly after wearing it?

Not only we, but also the suit needs a rest after wearing. This means that suits with a high wool content in particular should be left to hang freely on a good hanger so that they can regain their shape. In the case of a suit jacket, a wooden hanger with wider ends is a good idea to keep the shoulders in shape. Suit trousers can be placed on the crossbar or on a separate trouser hanger. Caution: This must not be too narrow, otherwise an unsightly crease will appear. Before you hang the suit together with the garment bag back in your wardrobe, you should make sure that it has hung out in the open room to breathe for at least one night (preferably longer). The right garment bag should also ensure that the suit gets enough air and does not get dusty, so make sure it is a breathable garment bag.

Schwarzer KLeiderbügel auf Holztisch, rechts im Hintergund zwei Garnspulen
Deailaufnahme eines schwarzen Kleidersackes, dessen Reißverschluss von einer Hand zugezogen wird, im Kleidersack erahnt man einen blauen Woll-Anzug

Here’s what you can do yourself to get your suit back into shape

Besides the dry cleaning of the suit, which should be done professionally, there are some things you can do yourself. For example, you can take the suit on the hanger into the bathroom while you take a shower. The resulting steam penetrates the fabric fibres and ensures that the fabric is smoothed and noticeable odours disappear. This method is particularly suitable for suits made of natural fibres, such as virgin wool. Finally, you can let the suit dry in the open air, but avoid too much sun. If your suit only has small creases, you can also achieve the same effect with the help of a steamer or a steam iron. But don’t put the latter on; here, too, only the steam is important.

Nahaufnahme eines blauen Woll-Anzuges auf Büste, welcher mit einem metallenen Steamer gesteamt wird
Blauer Woll-Anzug auf Büste vor beigem Hintergund, welcher mit einem metallenen Steamer gesteamt wird; rechts im Hintergund eine Zimmerpflanze
Blauer Woll-Anzug auf Bügel vor beigem Hintergund, welcher mit einem metallenen Steamer gesteamt wird; rechts im Hintergund eine Zimmerpflanze

Regular brushing of the suit is another trick. Attention: Please proceed with caution, heavy brushing can damage the fabric! Regular brushing with a stroke, on the other hand, ensures that the suit does not become dusty and that dirt cannot adhere. We recommend using a soft natural hair brush.

Detailaufnahme eines blaen Woll-Anzuges, welcher mit einer Naturhaarbürste aus Holz mit schwarzen Borsten ausgebürstet wird

The iron should only be used in exceptional cases. For example, in the case of strong wrinkles that cannot be smoothed out using the steam method. You should always start with the lowest temperature. Caution: Lining fabrics are usually more sensitive to heat than the outer fabric! When ironing, it is always advisable to place a dampened cotton cloth over the area to be ironed, as direct contact with the iron can cause shiny spots. Pay attention to the symbols on the care label. More on this topic in a separate blog article.

A small stain does not always have to mean going to the dry cleaner. It is important to react as soon as possible and try to dab the stain away with a damp cotton cloth. If the stain is a little older and has dried accordingly, it may be possible to remove it with the help of a soft natural hairbrush. If all this does not help, you will probably have to visit a professional cleaner.

Basically, you should bear in mind that a suit is not one of those garments that need to be washed regularly. Depending on the intensity of wear, professional cleaning once or twice a season is sufficient. Pay attention to customer reviews and remember to take the jacket and trousers to the dry cleaners together to ensure colour consistency.

These tips will help you get the most out of your suit for a long time! Are you still looking for an example to try out your new knowledge on? Then take a look around here.

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