Autumn / Winter 2023: The new trends at CARL GROSS!

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting worse - it's time to slowly welcome autumn. For this, the light, summery clothes can go to the back of the wardrobe, while warmer and thicker looks come to the fore again. The perfect time to introduce you to our trends and collection for autumn / winter 2023.

CARL GROSS - The Purity of Ice and Snow

Tweed fabrics in the most diverse variations dominate the image of the collection. Unconstructed jackets with soft shoulders create a new, modern look in this area.

In keeping with the theme "The Purity of Ice and Snow", brightness is the dominant colour theme that runs through all facets of the collection. Whether wool, jersey or corduroy, everything is in light shades. The colour palette ranges from camel to light beige to light grey and ecru. Light colours have also moved further into focus in the coats.

Comfort and high wearing comfort were important to us again for this collection, which is why jersey continues to play a relevant role. This is reflected in our jersey suits and jackets. You can choose between half and fully lined jersey jackets. The sporty stand-up collar version can also be worn as a substitute for a jacket. Our classic trousers with flexible waistband are a perfect match.

Our coats are now available in new lengths. Besides double-breasted and oversize models, there are also various models with waistcoat inserts. But also the theme here: the jersey coats.

Young man with brown hair in grey double-breasted closed coat, light-coloured turtleneck jumper, brown corduroy trousers and brown shoes. In the background you can see rocks covered with snow.
Young man with brown hair in brown-blue-white checked jacket in coarse tweed look and blue shirt underneath. This is a close-up photograph.
Young man with brown hair wearing a dark blue 24/7 Flex jacket and light grey trousers. He is also wearing a white shirt. He is leaning sideways against a wooden hut and looking at the camera.

CARL GROSS BLACK LINE – An evening in Black

It's time to celebrate! The highest quality of our brands invites you to dress up for a special occasion. Wool qualities in light colours combined with velvet and corduroy fabrics from Pontoglio create a wintry yet radiant outfit.

Our classics - coats and jackets in 100% cashmere - cannot be missing from our collection in winter 2023. New this season is a double-breasted jacket in cashmere.
Light flannel suits, great double-breasted and unconstructed jackets round off our BLACK LINE collection. Patterns and textured fabrics are also a theme within the collection.

Young man with brown hair wearing a light beige turtleneck jumper and an open beige and white checked jacket. He is wearing white trousers with it. He is sitting on a bar stool at a bar.
Young man with brown hair in a dark blue double-breasted coat. The coat is closed and both hands are in the coat pockets. He is also wearing a black scarf and brown pleated trousers. He is looking directly into the camera.
Young man with brown hair in a grey suit. The jacket is a double-breasted jacket, which is worn open. Combined with it, he wears a black turtleneck jumper. He has one hand in his jacket pocket and is also looking directly at the camera.

In this winter collection, our SAY YES occasion capsule gets a special appearance within the BLACK LINE and has some highlights in store for you for a special occasion.

Precious velvet jackets and waistcoats in plain and paisley prints as well as matching bow ties and pocket squares are just an eye-catcher here for an unforgettable evening.

Another absolute highlight is the high-quality suit in dark Bordeaux red and noble grey from the Italian luxury weaver CERRUTI.

With colour-coordinated jewelled waistcoats, which are available in different ornamental looks, you can create a variety of different looks. So that you too can certainly implement your style.

Young man with brown hair in white shirt, velvet waistcoat with paisley pattern and dark red velvet jacket. He is wearing black trousers with it. He also has the matching bow tie and pocket square, also in paisley pattern. He has his legs crossed and is sitting on a red velvet sofa.
Young man with brown hair wearing a white shirt and a suit in dark petrol. He wears the matching jewelled waistcoat with elegant pattern and the matching bow tie. In the jacket there is also a pin with a beige fabric flower. He has both hands in his trouser pockets and is looking at the camera.
On the left of the picture you can see a woman out of focus, standing with her back to the camera and looking over her shoulder. She is wearing a black silk-look dress with thin straps. She also has her hair up and is wearing earrings. On the right, you see a young man with brown hair turned towards the camera. He is wearing a white shirt, a dark red suit and a matching jewelled waistcoat.

CARL GROSS CONCEPT GREEN – Towards a greener future

Original HARRIS TWEED fabrics are also an integral part of our CONCEPT GREEN collection this season due to their special production method. An absolute highlight of this collection are two HARRIS TWEED suits with matching coat made of original HARRIS TWEED fabric from the Outer Hebrides. Consisting of a jacket, waistcoat, trousers and coat, they create an elegant complete look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The range of our GOTS (more about GOTS) certified articles has also been expanded: a blazer, which is shown in classic dark blue and noble black. Our GOTS certified suits are also available in four different fabric qualities and different colours.

Young man with brown hair in brown, checked Harris tweed jacket and trousers. He wears the jacket open and underneath a red quilted waistcoat and a camel-coloured turtleneck jumper. He also wears red leather gloves and sunglasses. In the background you can see blue sky and mountains with snow.
Young man with brown hair in light beige suit and black turtleneck. He stands in front of a wooden wall and looks directly into the camera.
Young man with brown hair in blue suit and white turtleneck. In the background you see blue sky and a mountain with snow.

We are ready for the cooler seasons

Our new collection offers you a variety of great items for autumn and winter. Have you found inspiration? Then why not take a look at our new collection? online shop.

best regards

your CARL GROSS team

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