Autumn/Winter 2022: These are the trends at CARL GROSS!

The temperatures are cooling down - autumn is moving in. So it's time to reorganise your wardrobe and bring the warm clothes to the front. Often you notice that one or the other autumn companion is still missing or needs to be replaced. We would like to take this opportunity to present our trends and collection for autumn / winter 2022.

CARL GROSS - It's going north

The collection theme "Northern Tweed" of our main line CARL GROSS and CARL GROSS CONCEPT GREEN takes us to the far north – rough landscapes and never-ending vastness. The perfect motto for masculine tweed themes paired with woollen fabrics in exciting structures. New shapes like unlined tweeds, new hunter styles and exciting qualities like knitted looks and structured jersey fabrics give the collection a whole new look. But of course the absolute winter classic HARRIS TWEED must not be forgotten. Shirt jackets combined with high-quality turtlenecks, new 2-breasted coats and the new interpretation of the suit through unconstructed jackets and trousers with pleats and turn-ups – many exciting themes are waiting to be combined in the autumn / winter 2022 season.

Young man with brown hair in grey turtleneck jumper and grey suit. He is looking directly at the camera, there is a puddle in front of him and a grey Range Rove to the right of the picture. In the background is a hedge landscape with bare trees.
young man with brown hair wearing green trousers and a green, structured wool coat, looking directly into the camera. In the background a heath landscape, one sees bare trees through which the sun shines.
man with brown hair in brown polo, beige trousers, checked waistcoat and checked jacket looking at the camera, a heath landscape in the background out of focus.

CARL GROSS BLACK LINE – Gate to the world

Hamburg – International business and a Hanseatic sense of style come together in this city to form a unique combination. Cool bars, bustling activity and the proximity to the water in the Hanseatic city provide the perfect thematic basis for our premium line CARL GROSS BLACK LINE. This year characterised by soft qualities in light colours that bring freshness to dark autumn days. New and innovative jersey qualities as well as light, often unlined jacket shapes made of fabrics from our highest quality Italian weavers create a look that inspires both in business and in private. The look is rounded off by new coat looks such as unlined models made of wool double, but also new 2-row looks enhance the autumn look.

Young man with red hair in a brown suit with beige stripes walking towards the camera; Hamburg's Speicherstadt in the background.
Young man with red hair in a white turtleneck over a coat and brown trousers. Hamburg's Speicherstadt in the background

We are ready for autumn

As you can see, we are already well equipped for autumn and winter. Have you found inspiration? Then feel free to take a look at our online shop.

best regards

your CARL GROSS team

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