How to style: The summerly linen look

In order to survive the summer temperatures as well as possible, it makes sense to pay attention to the right fabric when choosing an outfit. One material in particular has proven to be a tried and tested summer companion: Linen. In this article we take a look at why this is so and what your summer linen look could look like.

Fun fact: Even the ancient Egyptians knew linen

Linen is not only a very versatile textile, but also one of the oldest textiles in the world. It is a natural fibre that has been cultivated for over 10,000 years. The Egyptians even used linen as a burial gift, as it was a symbol of purity and light. In the meantime, the fabric is used in many different ways all over the world. You have certainly come across linen as a tablecloth, napkin, bed cover or garment.

This is what makes the fabric stand out

But why is the fabric particularly suitable for warm temperatures? Linen is not a synthetic but a natural fabric fibre. This makes the material not only biodegradable, but also breathable. The high air circulation and the light fabric ensure a pleasantly cool feeling on the skin. In addition, linen dries quickly, which is a great advantage when you sweat in summer. It also impresses with its high durability, so the fabric loses virtually no colour with frequent washing. Linen is also dirt-resistant, which makes the material very easy to care for. The fact that the fabric is also allergy-friendly makes it the perfect all-rounder.

Get the linen look right

There is no such thing as the perfect linen outfit. The fabric is as versatile as you are and can therefore be worn individually. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a casual, relaxed look or something more elegant and fashionable. Below we show you how different linen looks can be.

Young man with brown hair in white shirt, light beige trousers and brown open linen jacket. He is also wearing round sunglasses. A forest backdrop is seen in the background.

The open linen jacket as a casual eye-catcher. It goes perfectly with a relaxed white shirt and light beige trousers. To skilfully set the scene for the look, leave the bottom buttons of the shirt open and don't tuck it into the trousers either. The matching sunglasses round off the casual outfit. Your summer casual look is ready.

Young man with brown hair in dark brown linen shirt, brown light striped linen waistcoat and beige trousers. He also has both hands in his trouser pockets and wears sunglasses. A mountain backdrop can be seen in the background.

Summerly and airy in a linen waistcoat look. You like to wear elegant, but it's too warm for a jacket? Then go for our brown linen waistcoat. Perfect in combination with a brown linen shirt and beige suit trousers. Now you have an elegant outfit that is still comfortable to wear. The right sunglasses should not be missing here either.

Young man with brown hair in white shirt and light blue linen suit. He is also wearing sunglasses, in the background you can see a forest.

All in linen – the elegant statement look. Our light blue linen mix suit definitely makes for an elegant and summery appearance. You can combine it with a classic white shirt to match. The material ensures that the suit is comfortable to wear even in the warm temperatures. The matching pocket square completes the look.

Are you ready for your summer outfit?

We're sure we've convinced you that the all-rounder Linen is a must-have for your wardrobe. So why not take a look at our online shop.

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