We stand with Ukraine!

Do you talk about it, you don’t talk about it. Do you carry on as usual or do you press the pause button. We have come to the decision: We want, no, we have to talk about it. Behind a company, a brand, there are people who think and worry about the current situation every day – just as you surely do.

And what is it that offers at least some security in such a situation? Normality! Normality looks different for everyone: no matter whether you carry on as usual and avoid the news, whether you are caught up by your worries and thoughts in the evening, or whether you consciously deal with the topic every day. Everyone has the right to their own normality and we want to help with that. We were asked by our long-time Ukrainian production partner Gronotex to support them in maintaining their normality. For this reason, it is very important to us right now to maintain and nurture our business relations as far as possible.

But we – the people behind CARL GROSS – also want to help. Why? Because you have to do something against the feeling of being powerless and of not being able to do anything. For this reason, we are in close contact with aid organizations and have in-house collected important donations such as hygiene products, baby food, articles of medical need, etc. By last Friday, two van loads had already been donated, and further dates are in planning.

People helping people – this has always been important and is even more important now. Everyone deals with the current situation in their own way and there is no right or wrong way. Do what feels right for you.


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