The hottest trends in men's fashion for autumn/winter 2019

The hottest trends in men’s fashion for autumn/winter 2019

Good news! There is something for every taste in the latest fashions for autumn/winter 2019. Depressing, dreary, wet and cold winters are history! Fashion designers are celebrating golden autumn leaves and the first powdery white snow of the season. With the right fabrics and designs you will be kitted out to perfection and able to enjoy the weather no matter what it decides to throw at you.
Europe’s major fashion weeks in Florence, Paris, London and Berlin finished a long time ago. And designers are surprisingly unanimous about men’s fashion trends for autumn/winter 2019. Find out here what was showcased for men’s clothing on the runways in the world’s centres of fashion and what are the must-haves in your wardrobe this season.

zwei Männer direkt in die Kamera schauend mit grauem Anzug und weißem Hemd, dunkelblauem Zweireiher Sakko Anzug mit weißem Hemd und Krawatte

#Suit Trend – goodbye streetwear, hello vintage elegance

Around the world, the return to simpler, yet ultramodern, elegance is evident. Streetwear is becoming more sophisticated, but its influence is diminishing. Since streetwear and sportswear have dominated the trends over a number of seasons, there is now a move back towards the classics, elegance and luxury fabrics. The two worlds are coming together: urbanwear plays a basic role and blends with formal items.

Even if it never really disappeared as such, the classic suit is celebrating its big comeback on the fashion scene. And it’s not holding back, as it is now colourful and modern! Re-launched, reinterpreted, reinvented! The suit is now being shown off to its best advantage in almost every collection. Interpreted and reworked in thousands of ways, it is being transformed into a cool outfit suitable for every day. Among the numerous styles, retro looks are the most popular featuring details such as leather elbow patches and wide lapels. The choice of fabrics such as Harris Tweed and corduroy also harks back to days gone by – successfully combining modernity and tradition.

The order of the day this winter is a high level of comfort and soft fabrics with a feel-good look. A return to more sober elegance is tempered by a completely natural casual approach, where flaws are elevated to a feature of style.

mann sieht in die kamara, lehnt gegen eine weiße wand, grauer Anzug mit schwarzem pullover und hemdzwei Männer mit Anzug in die ferne blickend. hellbeiger Streifenanzug mit roter Weste, weißem Hemd und heller Krawatte; dunkelblauer Zweireiher Anzug mit weißem Hemd und dunkelblauer Krawatte mit Musterung

#Outerwear – winter weather needs a coat

Outerwear is top of the list this winter. Combining ever more trendily with our everyday clothes, coats are becoming the new focus of every outfit. This winter’s stylish men will be wearing either a coat or a warm, trendy jacket in natural shades. Only then is a winter outfit complete.

Mann mit dunkelblauem Mantel, grauem Anzug mit hellblauem Hemd un grauer Krawatte; Der blick geht zu Boden; Eine Hand hält den Mantelzwei Männer frontal in die Kamara blicken; beigen Anzug, weißer Rollkragenpulli und Cordweste; brauner Mantel, burned orange Hemd und Krawatte

Sporty, shorter coat types with waistcoat inserts or half-lined with contrasting lining are popular. Also on trend are longer coats and tweed-look jackets. How about a double-breasted cashmere coat as a statement piece? And oversized parka and down jackets are also eye-catching. Worn over a suit they make a business outfit complete. Thanks to our large selection, you’re sure to find the ideal coat to see you through the winter.

Mann lachend mit grüner Winterjacke, roter Weste und weißem RollkragenpulliMann mit schwarzer Daunenwinterjacke zu Boden schauend, graue Anzughose und hellem Oberteil

Black leather is also on the list of must-haves for the autumn/winter season of 2019/2020. Generally speaking, leather is gaining in popularity. With its retro soul, it is perfect for creating a vintage look. With its new twist, this classic of men’s fashion is experiencing new acclaim.

A big topic this season: wool blend jackets. Their trademark is attention to detail in contrasting fabrics and leather details. Particularly comfortable to wear and loosely constructed, they are beacons of light in the humdrum monotony of winter. With a minimum of interlinings, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear. Just the thing for chilly winter evenings when you need to feel warm and cosy.

Mann sitzend auf einem Stuhl mit Pulloversakko in den Farben braun, sand, grün und burned Orange, beerenfarbige Hose und Rollkragenpulli

#Fabrics – Vintage Tweed at its best

Cosy, soft, perfect fit and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to choose a garment with these features? You want to feel comfortable in winter whether you’re sitting by the fire with friends or working in the office.

Tactile structures are based on the rustic themes of the past season and add an element of comfort to this clothing. Fabrics for functional everyday items in men’s wardrobes are now given a cosy indoor-wear twist by including soft and comfortable fabrics that are also weather resistant.

This winter, vintage tweed is trendier than ever and features in jackets, waistcoats, trousers and coats. The finished fabrics are robust, resistant, breathable, wind- and water-repellent. and because they are warm, they are ideal for the cooler months of the year. Even coarsely structured, modern wool looks are on trend.

Mann mit Fahrrad, brauner Hose, roter Weste, blauem Hemd; Er hat die Arme verschränkt und blickt in die Kamara

CARL GROSS is reinterpreting classic Tweed. Casual jackets and waistcoats are made from this premium fabric under the world-famous registered trademark of Harris Tweed. Thanks to this seal of quality, 100% virgin wool is guaranteed and made by the islanders of the Outer Hebrides. Using the traditional Scottish method of production, sustainability is high on this natural product’s list of values. Combined with modern chinos, this fabric is perfect to create an outfit suitable for an urban setting.

As a natural product with a vintage look, the fabric never seems outdated, but always timeless and classic. Many colour combinations are inspired by the beautiful Scottish landscape – tweed’s country of origin.

Harris Tweed Siegel mit Reichsapfel als Zeichen für Naturprodukt und Qualität

Traditional but with a modern twist! It’s all about the fabric – warm colours and structure. Corduroy is finally celebrating its return and has been reinvented for this winter. A real highlight whenever it is featured, and always twinned with comfort.

Mann mit verschränkten Armen und Blick zu Boden; mit brauner Cord Weste und weißem Rollkragenpulli und Uhr

The craze for high-quality knitwear continues throughout 2019/20. Knitwear is finding a new story with cuffless pullovers and new types of weaving. Knitted pullovers will play a more prominent role than sweatshirts in everyday wear.

It’s not exactly revolutionary, but ‘two in one’ fashion is back on the agenda. Nowadays, when fashion increasingly combines different elements, this is the way to go. Many designers are making jackets and trousers reversible using a different colour and/or fabric on each side of the garment.

And the result of combining all these fabrics? A casual vintage look. Warm and comfortable to wear. Impressively fresh, paying homage to the lifestyle of the 1920s.

#Colours – Earthy Industrial Tones

One of the main considerations every season is that of the key colour. The range of colours in menswear is more varied now than ever before. Which is why it’s always exciting to discover the designers’ seasonal choices.

This winter, the idea of cosy comfort is emphasised through the choice of fabrics. Core shades in grey, blue and brown have been given a cooler twist for autumn/winter 2019/2020. These shades give the classic palette an industrial look, whereas greenish tones create a contrasting organic influence. Touches of warm colour in the darkness of winter bring a flash of brightness, such as the on-trend burnt orange or berry tones. These are found again and again in linings, undercollars, pocket squares, oversized checks and stripes. Just the thing for those who like to mix and match.

Mann mit grünem erdigen Sakko und orangenem Rollkragenpulli

The original classic combination of red and black has inspired numerous brands in all the world’s fashion capitals this season. Red is the dominant colour for this autumn and winter, although it has been softened and diluted. Whereas men will be crossing the road wearing bright red coats, the most fashionable colours to be seen from day to day will be more discreet berry tones. This means that earthy tones are replacing traditional black, and berry tones will be edging out classic red. This is true of evening and day wear, both indoors and out.

Mann auf Stuhl mit beerenrotem Sakko und grauer HoseMann mit dunklem Sakko in erdigen Tönen und grauer Anzughose und Einstecktuch

#Design – Checks with a difference

A wintery feel is central in design as are minimalist and almost monotone patterns. Batik is softened by diluted effects and transforms previously strong patterns into subdued, wearable options.

Checks are a classic in men’s fashion and will always be worn – but this pattern has a more discreet interpretation in 2019/20. Soft accents are introduced with different types of check including muted shepherd’s check and oversized checks. Another form of the checked pattern is houndstooth, which is also available in different sizes. And bold patterns with strong stripes on smoky blue, or checks and glenchecks are also popular in the right combination.

Zwei Männer in unterschiedliche Richtungen blickend; einer mit hellbraunem Anzug und rotem Rollkragenpullover; der andere mit beiger Chino, beerenrotem Hemd und schwarzem karrierten PulloversakkoMann mit grauem karierten Sakko und Weste, hellblauem Hemd und dunkelblauer Krawatte

Trousers are made of high-quality wool-look cotton as a plain version (image below), with minimal patterns, and also with blurred check print and multi-coloured glencheck.

Mann auf einem Stuhl mit beerenfarbiger Woll Hose

# Fit – oversized or sporty? Both are hot news!

The return of the smart, sharp business look is particularly evident this winter. Masculine looks with innovative details and finishes are in vogue. Suit constructions are modern and innovative, while the focus is on comfort.

Not only have the silhouettes of the coats and suits become more body-hugging and masculine, jackets are more sporty and closer-fitting, too. Almost all designers have found ways of directing the focus of their new collections to the centre of the body. Soft suits not only make the look more casual, but also more comfortable to wear thanks to the rounder shoulders. The jacket functions as a key element between classic and casual and is vital when combining different styles. The smart business look with a soft jacket, casual trousers and a stand-up collar or cashmere knit pullover is therefore very trendy. The wide lapel from the ‘70s is also making its comeback this winter. With a dual advantage: it takes the fashionable vintage trend into account and gives its wearer a slimmer silhouette to boot.

Oversized look? Why not! Parkas, both sporty and in XL sizes and down jackets are eye-catching garments for a fashionable winter. If you opt for an oversized version, then choose a tighter fit for the suit underneath.

Mover and shaker of the season: split suits. Order your jacket, trousers and waistcoat separately and combine them as you wish. This is the modern and flexible approach to wearing suits.

Mann sitzend mit hellblauem unkonstruiertem Sakko und grauem Rollkragenpullover direkt in die Kamera schauend

#Accessories – Scarves are essential!

No other accessory was given as much attention at the shows in Paris and Milan as the scarf. Worn both in a contrasting colour to the rest of the outfit or tone on tone, men’s scarves make for a trendy winter. The hype about bum bags is diminishing and is gradually being replaced by bags with straps.

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