The 7 gravest fashion faux pas - How to avoid them in style?

The 7 gravest fashion faux pas – How to avoid them in style?

Mann und Frau im roten Anzug bzw. Kleid

It is said that fashion blunders are a thing of the past – “anything goes, you do you”.  However, Coco Chanel knew best when she said: “Fashion changes, but style endures”.
Once temperatures reach 30°C in the shade, it’s very easy for men to slip up and commit some serious crimes against fashion. The image of the badly dressed Germans on their summer holidays in socks and sandals, and cropped trousers exposes the truth behind masculine fashion faux pas.

Dressing as a stylish gentleman in the summer isn’t easy, is it? When choosing the best look, there are many things that men can get wrong. It’s interesting to note that the less men wear, the more mistakes they end up making. Clearly, we need a higher power to force men to cover up! After all, anything labelled “short” is still usually a no-go when it comes to men’s apparel.

But what are the greatest fashion faux pas you should be avoiding? And are there really no stylish, lightweight alternatives for men? Don’t worry, there are and we’re going to tell you all about them so that you’ll be all prepared for a stylish summer! Gone are the days of struggling along, all red-faced and sweaty and pretending there’s a gentle summer breeze blowing.

Fashion Faux Pas No. 1: Sandals of any kind

Sure, we admit it, sandals are comfortable and we men would love to feel more air around our feet. Unfortunately, this footwear is once again a no-go this summer. Even though they’re now sold under the fashionable name “trekking sandals”, it doesn’t make them look any better. However, there are some wonderful alternatives that will make your feet and legs look great.

Our tip: Invest in a pair of smart, lightweight dress shoes. Depending on the occasion, a lightweight pair of loafers can be a good alternative to classic lace-ups. In various types of leather they look great with both a suit and a pair of casual trousers! To make a statement in an elegant leisure outfit, add a pair of moccasins, high-quality espadrilles or boat shoes.

Loafer, Mokassins und Espadrilles als Alternative
Loafer, Mokassins und Espadrilles als Alternative

Fashion Faux Pas No. 2: Incorrect socks

The question of socks is also a tricky one when the weather is hot. Unfortunately, functionality still goes before style here. Therefore, fashion faux pas are made when you choose your socks in the morning. Classic sports socks with a ribbed cuff do not go with a suit for the office nor with a casual leisure outfit. We recommend subtle, solid-colour socks instead of brightly coloured or patterned ones. An elegant look can be achieved with colours that coordinate with the entire outfit. In some types of shoes and for certain occasions you can do without socks completely.

Our tip: To follow the classic dress code, choose socks that don’t show any skin between the shoes and the trousers. The socks must match the suit in colour. For more casual occasions you can go for moccasins, tassel loafers or boat shoes either without socks or with invisible shoe liner socks. Visible ankles make men’s legs look slimmer, plus you have the advantage of looking casual and allowing the air to circulate.

Schuhmodell ohne Socken mit freien Knöcheln

Fashion Faux Pas No. 3: Cropped trousers

Often left at the back of the cupboard over winter, practical yet passé items of leisurewear are only taken out when the days start to get warmer. Anyone can tell you that a pair of cropped trousers is a few centimetres short of being a full pair, and let’s be frank, cropped trousers just aren’t a good look. Firstly, they visually shorten your legs and secondly, they make you look as if you either outgrew your trousers or they shrunk in the wash. Neither of these is a look you want to aspire to, even if you have fantastic legs!

Our tip: A smart pair of beige chinos is perfect for hot summer days. Made from natural fibres such as cotton, they are breathable and extremely comfortable to wear. Combined with a fetching polo shirt, you won’t work up a sweat and you’ll look great. It’s an outfit that’s casual and relaxed, but still stylish and elegant. Forget the socks and display your ankles – it’s easily done this season as the trend for shorter cuts in men’s trousers is continuing, making turn-ups unnecessary.

Chino Hose aus Naturfasern

Fashion Faux Pas No. 4: Tracksuit tops

Tracksuit tops are ideal if you’re out at the gym or playing a round of footy. Eye-catching prints of club logos or slogans are perfect for showing where your loyalties lies. However, in everyday life they don’t make a good impression. It’s best to keep them reserved for the appropriate occasion.

Our tip: You can achieve a comfortable and stylish look with a fashionable jacket or a short coat. Both are elegant, high-quality alternatives that you can wear right up until the autumn. Many fashion experts see the short coat as a mainstay of a man’s wardrobe. It’s an item that is constantly revisited by designers and keeps appearing in collections year after year. If you appreciate sustainability and stylishness, try out the high-quality vegan jacket from CARL GROSS. As an environmentally concious trend setter, you can wear it with a clear conscience.

Veganes Jacket aus umweltschonenden Ressourcen
Veganes Jacket aus umweltschonenden Ressourcen
Kurzmantel blau lässt sich bis in den Herbst tragen

Fashion Faux Pas No. 5: Brightly patterned, short-sleeved shirts

If it screams California, it’s bound to look stylish, right? Summer plus Hawaii is the perfect clothing combo, isn’t it? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong on both counts. If you want to play the part of a stylish gentleman this summer, we recommend staying away from short-sleeved shirts with garishly bright, eye-catching patterns. Animal prints and comic figures are particularly taboo. Bright, fashionable colours, eye-catching patterns and unusual cuts are all things that are subject to short-term trends. They’re usually seen more on the catwalk than they are in real life.

Our tip: Of course, a gentleman doesn’t always wear suits and tailored shirts. If you need some of that holiday feeling and fresh air, you can express it with casual, solid-colour, long-sleeved shirts. Make sure you choose pale summery colours or subtly patterned items. The red striped summer shirt by CARL GROSS is a stylish item you’ll want to wear for the whole season. Note: Never mix more than three different patterns. You can combine them well with trusty basics such as a white shirt.  You’re also best prepared for hot days in comfortable materials such as linen. After all, if you want to be valued, you need to pay attention to the value of your clothes!

Blumengemustertes Hemd in weiß und blau mit Weste
Rot weiß gestreiftes Hemd als luftige Alternative

Fashion Faux Pas No. 6: Wide neck T-shirts

No matter if you’re wearing a T-shirt with a V-neck or a round neck, make sure it’s not too “low cut”. If you don’t, you’ll be subject to some very sceptical looks. When you’re out and about in public, you want to be taken seriously and treated with respect. A stylish outfit will guarantee that you are.

Our tip: You can still show a little skin with a stylish shirt; you don’t have to button it all the way up. Be sure to choose a good quality shirt. Pure synthetic fabric can quickly smell unpleasant. Moreover, these types of fabrics often don’t look so great as they fit poorly. Make sure that your clothing is made of mainly natural fibres. To return once again to the topic of sustainability and stylishness, constant cheap purchases are not very good for the environment, while high-quality, natural materials such as linen or silk provide the foundation stones for a stylish look.

Stilvolles Hemd, oben leicht aufgeknöpft

Fashion Faux Pas No. 7: Unmatching accessories

Accessories can make or break a stylish outfit. Display your personality with one of the few important business accessories that men’s fashion has to offer. The perfect accessories can really pep up a simple outfit and give it that certain je ne sais quoi. How about a tasteful tie or a pocket square? Why not add an unobtrusive belt? A simple, subtle wristwatch can also create a stylish statement.

Our tip: Ideally, belt, briefcase and shoes will match. Large belt buckles with branded logos are not appropriate. Simple belts with elegant metal buckles are the best choice.

A pocket square really should match the colour of your shirt and beautifully complement the entire outfit. When combining ties and pocket squares, the pocket square should also roughly match the tie.

Accessoire Einstecktuch und Krawatte für den Business Mann
Accessoire Uhr für den Mann

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