Style Report Autumn/Winter 2021

Autumn/Winter 2021 is dominated by futuristic details, retro echoes and minimalism. A sense of familiarity alternates with the desire for change. Fabrics are even softer, black is even blacker and the materials are even more sustainable. The result? Minimalistic designs that look amazing precisely because of their simplicity are combined with natural tones and patterns from the 1960s.

Casual and comfy

That’s the number one rule for the winter styles. As “working from home” is still the talk of the town, we are combining comfort and style when it comes to the fits. In particular,we are celebrating the return of the fabric jacket in tweed and jersey material; here we see loose-fitting field and blouson looks that provide alternatives for suit jackets and create a great casual look.

Man with brown jacket and striped pants in front of tree trunk and white background by Carl Gross looking at camera

Patterned on the 1960s

Shepherd’s checks and glen checks from the 1960s contrast with technical, partially shiny surfaces that take you back to the 1990s. Here as well, the past makes an appearance in the modernity of tomorrow. Simplicity is what it’s all about, which is why practically monotone textures dominate here.

Man with glasses and patterned coat and brown trousers and brown shoes by Carl Gross looking at camera

Paint it black

When it comes to colours, the trend is towards blacks and greys. We have added a fresh, new twist to these shades and combined them with blues, browns and earth tones. The theme of lightness is carried over into this season and manifests itself here in flannel and corduroy fabrics in beige and light grey.

Man with black patterned jacket and black trousers and glasses from Carl Gross looking left


Above all other trends, sustainability remains at number one.
True to our guiding principle “On our way to a greener future”, we have consequently extended our CONCEPT GREEN line.

Man with brown jacket and beige knitted sweater in front of plant looking left

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