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New GUINNESS World Record in a Performance Suit 37.5


In April 2017, Felix Mayerhöfer from Bavaria completed the Hamburg Marathon in the new Performance Suit 37.5. The confirmation from GUINNESS was received just before Christmas 2017: Felix is the new holder of the world record “Running a marathon in a suit”.

Running in a business suit?

What initially sounds like a joke was a phenomenon seen at various running events in 2017. On the occasion of more than 25 events all over Europe, runners wore our new suit: Performance Suit 37.5.

Probably the most important highlight was the Hamburg Marathon in April 2017. Here, Felix Mayerhöfer from Bavaria finished the race with a sensational time of 2:42:59 h. On 20 December 2017, the confirmation from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS was received: new world record for “running a marathon in a suit”.

It was not without reason that the idea for the running campaigns came up.

Those who have ever known a suit in summer know the problem: you sweat! This is exactly where the new CARL GROSS Performance Suit comes into play. In terms of look and feel, the suit does not differ from other suits.

However, when wearing it, you will clearly notice that you produce less sweat. Why is this?

Technology in a suit

We are the first manufacturer in Europe to integrate sports technology into a suit. The patented 37.5 37.5-particles of the American brand Cocona are otherwise used by manufacturers such as Adidas and Salomon and cause the wearer’s core temperature to remain at an ideal value of 37.5 degrees Centigrade. Accordingly, the wearer perpires less. Moreover, the fabric is more breathable than in case of conventional suits.
Of course, the suit is not envisaged for running, but for everyday business life. What we thought, is: if it survives extreme situations such as a marathon, it will, of course, be able to manage everyday business life as well – and thus, the idea of running in a suit was born.

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