How to style: The light seersucker look for summer

The weather is getting better and the temperatures are starting to rise, which means it’s time for light, summer-friendly fabrics and textures. One fabric in particular should not be forgotten: seersucker. Read what you should know about this fabric and how to best showcase the seersucker suit in today’s blog post.

Seersucker – this is what distinguishes the fabric

Seersucker is a blended fabric that consists to a large extent of cotton. Its distinguishing feature is the crepe-like surface that can be clearly felt. Can’t imagine what it’s like? Why not take a look in your bedroom, because: Many summer bed linen items are made of seersucker. Why? Because of the uneven surface of the fabric, it never lies completely against the skin, so there is a high level of air circulation. This makes the material particularly light and comfortable to wear. Another plus: since it does not need to be ironed, seersucker is wonderfully easy to care for. So if you don’t want to sweat in summer but still want to be stylishly dressed, suits and jackets made of seersucker are the ideal companion.

Set in scene

You’ve been invited to a chic barbecue or birthday party and don’t know what to wear? This is where the seersucker suit or jacket comes into play. Because: It is particularly suitable for casual occasions, but you can also choose a seersucker suit for summer weddings without any problems. For business meetings, on the other hand, you should go for more classic alternatives.


Look 1:  Casual and relaxed in a  brown striped seersucker jacket. An orange cotton shirt is the perfect colourful eye-catcher. For trousers, you can go for a pair of light-coloured fabric trousers or chinos to pick up on the white of the jacket. Matching accessories such as sunglasses round off the summery look.

Look 2: The seersucker look – from head to toe. Our suit made of seersucker is wonderfully suitable for a chic appearance. The classic white shirt goes well with the light brown checked garment. This brings calm to the look. Perfectly chosen accessories like a white pocket square complete the outfit.

Look 3: Seersucker can also do colour – the plain look. If you want to make a fashion statement, the rust-red seersucker suit is just the right choice. So that it doesn’t become too uniform, you should choose a light-coloured top. Depending on how smart you want it to be, you can go for a cotton shirt or the classic shirt here. Of course, you can also use targeted accessories here.

Of course, it is also possible to wear the seersucker suits more casually, as in Look 2 and Look 3. So you can replace the matching trousers with light-coloured fabric or chinos for a more relaxed look.

Seersucker – a Must-have for the summer

As you can see, seersucker is an essential part of any summer wardrobe for a suit lover. Are you still looking for the right outfit? Then take a look here . We wish you lots of fun!

Best regards

your CARL GROSS team

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