Guest at a wedding? The perfect outfits for men | CARL GROSS

Guest at a wedding? The perfect outfits for men | CARL GROSS

Maybe in the last few weeks, you have also found one of those letters in the mailbox – luxurious, thick paper, an invitation designed with love, golden lettering, white lace …
You can tell, it’s the wedding season. While the bride, groom and their loved ones have been planning for a long time, your considerations start right now! Last, but not least, the question arises: What do I wear for a wedding?

The wedding guest has to follow a few rules.

One thing is clear: On the wedding day, the bride and groom are the focus. As a guest, you must never steal the limelight from the groom! The specifications of the hosts – the dress code – determine which colours, which suit, which shirt, which shoes and which accessories you should choose.

It is best to have another look at the invitation card. Are you invited to a civil or to a church wedding? Did the hosts perhaps already mention a dress code in the invitation? Does the wedding have a motto that you can use to restrict your choice of suit?

As a rule, in a civil marriage, the choice of clothes is a little more casual, while it is more festive for a church wedding. The location for the celebration can already give you some indication of the expected style! If you are unsure, it is better to turn to confidantes of the bride and groom or contact the couple themselves and ask.

In most cases, one of the following dress codes awaits you:

Formal and festive dress codes for men

Dresscode: White Tie

You will rarely find the dress code “white tie”. If you do, you would have to appear in a tailcoat or a tuxedo with a white bow tie.

Dresscode: Black Tie

It is much more likely is that the special event requires a “black tie”. Even then, the tuxedo is also a must. A white shirt, a dark bow tie and black shoes. Black Tie Optional would give you a little more leeway, for example, in terms of shirt colour or choice of bow tie.


Such formal and festive dress codes facilitate the choice of clothing. You do not have to worry about either the cut or the colour. Classically, a tuxedo is a single- or double-breasted jacket in black or midnight blue fastened with a single button. The lapel is covered with silk or other superior fabrics. The trousers are made of the same material as the jacket and are usually worn with braces. If you want something more festive, complete the single-breasted tuxedo with a cummerbund that covers the waistband. The double-breasted tuxedo does not require a cummerbund, as the buttons always remain closed.

To define your personal style, it is important to pay attention to detail: good quality, attractive fabrics, a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch, a discreet pocket handkerchief.

The Carl Gross tuxedo ( is a good choice for such events.

Casual dress codes for men

 If the dress code “Cocktail” appears on the invitation, festive evening wear is also expected for the summer wedding. If just “Smart Casual” is required, the wedding will be elegant, yet casual and relaxed.

In both cases, you have a little more leeway as far as your choice of dress is concerned, but on the other hand, you also run the greatest risk of being wrong.

The colour of your clothes as a guest at a wedding should be clear: dark tones, but not necessarily black – after all, there is a reason to celebrate. White and similar light shades, bright and eye-catching colours or fabrics with dominant patterns are taboo.

Dresscode: Cocktail

For example, you are in perfect evening wear with a 3-piece suit consisting of trousers, waistcoat and jacket.
The evening shirt does not necessarily have to be white, but may be in matching pastel tones or – with a uniformly woven suit cloth – with a subtle pattern to set a fine accent. You can choose between bow tie or tie, according to your taste. A pocket handkerchief matching the bow tie or tie completes the festive wedding outfit.

Dresscode: Smart Casual

In the “Smart Casual“ look, the overall impression is also important – making a classy impression without looking stiff. Superior-quality trousers, a coloured shirt and a matching jacket, even with a discreet pattern, are the ideal choice. Instead of a bow tie or tie, you can provide the look with an individual touch with a pocket handkerchief.

Shirt | Jacket | Chino

Which shoes match this wedding outfit? While in the classier dress codes Oxford-style lace-up shoes, i.e. shoes with closed lacing are the first choice, the casual outfit also matches open-top Derby-style lace-ups or dark loafers. In this context: make sure to choose belt and shoes of the same colour. Of course, dark men’s socks matching the suit also add to the perfect overall impression.

Attaching importance to one’s clothing as a wedding guest

No matter what dress code the bridal couple requires, or whether they dispense with it altogether: as a wedding guest, you should pay attention to your choice of clothes. After all, one’s appearance always reflects respect for your hosts. Appearing at a wedding over- or underdressed is by no means a good idea. And yes, in this case, there is a risk of being overdressed as the groom should always be the centre of attention!
Instead, you should demonstrate your sense of well-coordinated and high quality suits and apparel. By the way, if the dress code is a little more casual, then it makes sense to match the choice of colour accents to your partner’s clothing.

If your outfit is appropriate, you will feel good at the wedding and can enjoy the party all to the full.