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“I hate table football!” – was what she said when her friends tried to persuade her to play her first game. But the flame of passion for this sport ignited within Lilly Andres, whose national title successes were followed by several world championship titles. And now Lilly Andres is competing against you!

Gripped by sporting ambition? If so, try your luck and compete against the world champion of table football! You’ve nothing to lose and there is a little prize!

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We’ll see you there!

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SUIT personality

Authentic, stylish, modern – this is not only true for suits.

At today’s event, not only is professional advice available free of charge to help you choose a suit, you will also be given a free high-quality credit-card case made of leather. And what’s more: it will be personalised on site with your INITIALS with a laser machine!
Its vintage brown hue will team perfectly with all your suits and it also offers sufficient storage space for all your credit and storecards. So, it is not only an attractive accessory, you can take it with you whatever you wear.

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Have you always wanted to marvel at the craft of cigar rolling?

The master of cigars has talent and specialist knowledge from centuries of tradition and the necessary dexterity. The Cuban creates a cigar in artistic handicraft where every hand movement fits.

Made to measure, which has been improved for centuries and is created with stylish elegance. The handicraft of cigar rolling fits perfectly to our premium line BLACK LINE values : MODERN, TRADITIONAL & EXCELLENT.

At the end you hold a handmade unique piece in your hands, which you are welcome to take with you.

We look forward to seeing you!

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