Colour theory – what does the colour of your clothes say about you?

Colour theory what does the colour of your clothes say about you?

Each colour produces a different effect on our body and psyche. It’s the most direct means of communication that nature makes available to us and so, the colours a person wears let us draw some conclusions about their character. Additionally, stylish, bright colours bring joy to winter’s everyday grey. What more could you wish for in the run-up to Christmas?

Here’s what the TOP 5 winter colours convey:

1. Blue – trust and serenity

People who wear blue are determined to succeed. They know how to achieve their goals consistently and with balance and poise. But note that there’s a difference between the hues: light blue stands for youthfulness and insouciance; dark blue stands for loyalty and trust. Royal blue, on the other hand, is often worn by extravagant people.

#Farben: Das Highlight des Winters 2020

2. Green – modesty and reliability

According to colour theory, those who like to wear green have good social skills. They also appear trustworthy, compassionate and generous. Sage and apple green underline gentle personality traits. But colour combinations that mix the darker shades of green, like bottle or emerald green with black, signal power and authority.

mann sitzt lässig auf der treppe, braune samtige hose mit softem sakko und blauemn rollkragenpullover

3. Red – strength and confidence

Self-assurance, creativity, assertiveness – red stands for these qualities. Plus, red clothing attracts attention. That’s why it’s also seen as a symbol of passion and seduction.

man mit cord anzug in rot mit mütze, sonne scheint, sonnenbrille und selbstbewusster blick

4. Orange – joie de vivre and openness

Orange is a mood enhancer. People who dress in orange are considered to be open-minded, sociable and extroverted. Muted orange symbolises warm-heartedness.

man lacht in die kamera, steht auf einem schneebedecktem berg, helle chino, orangener rollkragenpulli und kariertes graues sakko

5. Brown – natural and down-to-earth

Brown attire makes a dignified and natural impression. People who wear dark brown come across as deep and mysterious, yet also friendly.

mann sitz lachnd auf

What’s going to be your colour this winter?

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