Carl Gross at Berlin Fashion Week

Carl Gross at Berlin Fashion Week

From a fashion point of view, January is always an exciting month: the current Autumn/Winter season is just coming to an end and the first products of the new Spring season are hitting the shops. Added to which, we present our new collection for Autumn/Winter 2019 to specialist retailers. To do this, we we spent three days at Panorama Berlin, the biggest fashion fair at Berlin Fashion Week. In this post, we discuss what was awaiting our retail partners and the most important trends coming up next winter.

Stylish atmosphere with the feel-good factor

Our main objective was to create an environment on our stand to draw attention to the value of the collections – which is why we attached great importance to the lighting so as to emphasise the quality of the fabric and workmanship. In the CARL GROSS Black Line, we rely almost without exception on fabrics from renowned weaving mills such as Barberis, Zegna, Cerutti and Loro Piana.
The highlights of the collection were also projected onto a 60 m2 LED wall. There were comfortable seats and excellent barista-made coffee to provide our business partners a stylish atmosphere with a feel-good factor: the perfect environment for in-depth discussions about the new trends for Autumn/Winter 2019.



Trends in Business Fashion Autumn/Winter 2019

Vintage tweed, corduroy and fustian

Tweed will be an integral part of the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection at Carl Gross. When you are wearing waistcoats, field jackets or jackets, tweed is essential for a stylish, casual look. Original Harris Tweed features in the collection’s highlights. But increasingly, cord and fustian fabrics are found in the modern business man’s outfits.


Soft jackets

Fully constructed suit jackets with stiff interlining are a thing of the past. Pullover jackets are the hot theme for the Autumn/Winter season 2019. Despite a minimum of interior lining, they fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Rich green and berry tones, and beige and orange

In terms of colours, blue and grey continue to dominate but with the difference that the tones on the whole are brighter and warmer than in previous seasons.  If you want to make a statement, integrate rich green and berry tones, and beige and deep orange.


Lapels from the ‘70s

The generously wide lapel from the ‘70s is experiencing a revival in the CARL GROSS Black Line. It has two advantages in its favour: it takes into account the trend for vintage clothing whilst at the same time giving its wearer a slimmer silhouette.


Gilets instead of jackets

If you are looking for a stylish alternative to a jacket or coat, the CARL GROSS Black Line has just the thing for you. Padded microcord gilets round off a smart business look. Of course, you can grab a coat at any time – a double-breasted one is a good choice.

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